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HICO 4" Compression Bandage

HICO 4" Compression Bandage

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The HICO 4" has a heavy elastic covering which allows very good compression during application, even with one hand. No need to pass through forceps, simply bandage the dressing in an "X" shape, passing once slightly over the above, once slightly below.
This dynamic elastic has silicone stripes to guarantee optimum support, including in difficult areas (head, shoulders). At the end of the band, you will find, as on all military dressings, a clip High-strength plastic safety guard for hanging the strip.
The sealed package is easily torn with one hand or teeth (if one hand is available).


  • Size: 10 H x 10 W x 1.5 D cm (4"x 4"x0.59")
  • Band: 10 x 81 cm stretched (4"x 32")
  • Weight: 29g
  • Sterile absorbent cushion - NATO standard size (10 x 15 cm)
  • STERILE - Vacuum packaging 
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