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MM IFAK (Mantle Med Individual First Aid Kit) - Molle

MM IFAK (Mantle Med Individual First Aid Kit) - Molle

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The MMIFAK sets itself apart from other IFAKS due to the use of two state of the art products, WoundClot and the HICO Compression Bandage, which greatly increases your success rate of controlling all 5 levels of bleeds. This pouch is our rip-away molle mount platform. The MMIFAK includes  two packets of WoundClot, one 4"x4" and one 3"x39". The 4"x4" is great for small-midsize bleeds and the 3"x39" can be used for multiple mass hemorrhaging  events by tearing the gauze into what ever size is needed.

What is WoundClot?

WoundClot™ Hemostatic Gauze is an FDA cleared, next generation hemostatic gauze engineered to be effective in the management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding. WoundClot™ is also effective in the temporary management of severe bleeding during surgical procedures as well as postoperative and donor-site bleeding.

How It Works

When WoundClot™ Trauma gauze is applied to the site of bleeding, it rapidly converts from a dry fexible gauze to a thick, tenacious, expanding 3D gel matrix. This stable, strong, and pliant gel structure enables rapid and stable hemostasis to be achieved utilizing several mechanisms of action:


WoundClot™ Trauma absorbs up to 2,500% of its weight in blood and remains actively absorbent for up to 24 hours.


WoundClot™’s 3D gel matrix enables the concentration of platelets, red blood cells, and clotting factors, creating an environment conducive to clotting.


WoundClot™’s pliant 3D gel matrix adheres to surrounding tissues in the wound and will not be dislodged by patient movement, wound manipulation, or high-pressure bleeding.


“WoundClot™’s advanced functional molecular groups stimulate the coagulation process by converting Plasma Thromboplastin Antecedent or PTA (XI) and Hageman (XII) clotting factors from inactive to active (XIa and XIIa).” To WoundClot™’s advanced functional molecular groups stimulate the coagulation process, enabling rapid and stable hemostasis to be achieved.

Features and Benefits

- Effective in patients on anticoagulant/antiplatelet therapy

- Effective in patients in Coagulopathy

- Does not require the application of manual pressure to be effective. 

- A high safety profile and has no contraindications

- Can be used anywhere on the body

- Available in a variety of sizes and conforms and adheres to any anatomical shape effectively

- Zero toxicity – no harmful side effects or residues. 

- Does not stick to gloves or instruments.

- Simple to use and requires minimal training to be utilized effectively.


3″ x 39″ WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze
4″ x 4″ WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze
Hyfin Twin Pack
HICO Compressed Gauze Or H&H Compressed Gauze (Pending Stock)
4″ HICO Compression Bandage
5.5″ Trauma Shears
Nitrile Gloves (pair)
1″ x 1.5yd Surgical Tape
Bandage Pack
Antiseptic Wipes
Tourniquet (RMT, ETQ, SOFTT, or C-A-T)

** Please note the First Spear Tubes clip has been discontinued on this model and it comes with a standard fastex buckle. **

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