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OTB Compression Bandage

OTB Compression Bandage

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Brought to you by Owen Defense and Security Solutions:

The OTB (Owen Trauma Bandage) is the fastest and easiest compression trauma bandage to use on the market today. Up your kit's capabilities while cutting out unnecessary gimmicks. The OTB offers maximum utility in a compression bandage and allows for rapid one-handed self-application. Use it as a wound dressing, stump dressing, for sleeving and protection of full circumferential injuries and/or protecting and splinting compound fractures, eviscerations, and wound packing. The OTB can also be used to address junctional bleeds and double as an improvised tourniquet. The extra long absorbent pad covers most forearms completely, but if you need more real estate, easily couple two OTBs together using our patented Quick-Connect system.

The OTB is designed and packaged to replace standard issue obsolete compression bandages 1 for 1 in your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). It will integrate into any tactical medicine curriculum and cut training time down to just minutes for all applications. This is possible due to its incredibly intuitive application and simple design that allows users to properly self-apply even a stump dressing using only one hand faster and more effectively than any other compression dressing on the market. Its application and use cases support standard MARCH protocols respective of massive hemorrhaging and "stop the bleed." Don't settle for second best, upgrade your IFAKs with the OTB today.

Packaging: Each bandage is double wrapped and vacuum sealed with application instructions printed on the packaging.
Compression Wrap Details: 4 inches x 60 inches non-latex compression wrap with hook & loop strips to prevent inadvertent unrolling
Absorbent Pad Details: 6 1/2 inchx20 inch non-adhesive absorbent pad *Includes application buckle enabling one-handed application and tensioning. 

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