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Dayton Armor

Dayton Armor RF2 SA III+ Rifle Plate

Dayton Armor RF2 SA III+ Rifle Plate

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** PLEASE NOTE: This product is made to order and ships from Poland. Delivery time varies between 21-35 days **

Dayton Armor RF2 stand alone rifle plate is the thinnest and lightest RF2 SA plate that is priced under $1,000 per plate. Dayton plates come standard with a 10-year warranty. 100% made in the USA utilizing the most advanced rifle plate production methods that is currently used by many tier 1 units around the world. The RF2 SA comes in at a mere 0.7" thin and 3.45lbs versus the industry standard of 1.1" thick and 4.2lbs for this protection level in a standard 10"x12" shooter cut.

Threats Defeated:

M193 5.56x45

M855 5.56x45 

7.62x39 MSC

7.62x51 M80



SAPI SM - 8.7"x11.6"x0.7" - 3.05lbs

SAPI MD - 9.4"x12.4"x0.7" - 3.45lbs

SAPI LG - 10.2"x13.1"x0.7" - 3.99lbs

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